Adam Litz
Adam Litz has been performing improv since the Y2K scare. He has been acting, writing, improvising, and supplying voiceovers for industrial videos in the Twin Cities area for the past four years.
Amy Zajack
Amy Zajack moved to St Paul on Sept 11, 2001. As a foodie she has been improvising in the kitchen for a long time, however, it was not until she moved to the Twin Cities that she discovered her love for Improv on stage and has been doing it ever since. Amy is always planning her next grand travel adventure. Past adventures have included: a safari in Africa; wine tasting in California; and hiking Machu Picchu in Peru.
Blake Wanger
Blake Wanger has been performing improv since becoming hopelessly addicted in college in 2001. Blake owns Spontaneous Education, which educates and empowers teachers and students through improv based educational programs. Outside of improv, Blake can be found singing barbershop harmony, building with Legos, and tripping over things.
Bryan Pierce
Bryan Pierce got into improv through lies and deception. He might have resisted if he weren’t just so gosh-darn Minnesota nice. When he’s not improvising or working at a bill-paying job, you’ll find Bryan at a happy hour or working towards his goal of watching every Netflix TV show. Bryan is currently building his courage to propose to the love of his life, Little Debbie.
Jan Lynn
Don't let Jan Lynn’s Northern Minnesotan small-town roots fool you; she takes on new adventures as often as possible. Jan began taking improv classes in 2014 where she discovered the delight in making people laugh. Her passion for health and wellness rates right up there with all things improv; just ask her about kale, stair climbs and working out. Items in extreme proportions- i.e. mini silverware, huge mansions, and nesting dolls- make her giddy.
Jenny Benusa
Jenny Benusa is a born and (mostly) raised Minnesotan with a film degree from South Carolina. She spends her free time soaking in all the sci-fi, board games, and video games she can, while still occasionally making it outside. Jenny somehow manages to find time for her amazing husband and even more amazing three cats. She is willing to try anything new and is excited to perform with Jesters!
Justin Betancourt
Justin Betancourt comes from the distant land of Ohio to pursue his dream of living somewhere even colder than Ohio. Justin first started doing improv with his college troupe (The Plastic Shatners) where he performed for three years. He has also taught multiple improv classes and workshops for children who would rather run around and yell than learn to "yes and." When not working or improvising Justin can be found either watching an improv show, or crying due to lack of an improv show.
Larry Bieza
Larry Bieza, or as he was known in Mayan times as “The One who causes irritation,” fortunately found the entrance to the Stargate and is now appearing on the Jesters stage. If he says something that isn’t funny, it’s probably because he’s speaking in the language of the ancients (even if it sounds like English!).
Linda Aarons
Linda Aarons sharpened her comedy and acting skills performing improv with Brave New Workshop's Six Ring Circus and in the Steve Ray’s Improv Company. Lately Linda has been focusing on stand up comedy; you can find her performing stand up both locally and nationally, recently opening for Louie Anderson in Las Vegas. She was a finalist in Acme Comedy Company’s Funniest Person in the Twin Cities Contest and in the Iowa Comedy Festival.
Lori Crever
Lori Crever is a native Minnesotan who voluntarily spent time in New York City. After a range of missed opportunities in music, theater and the pre-Occupy Movement, Lori returned to the Twin Cities. She works in corporate communications and is a graduate of the Brave New Workshop Student Union, where she performed for five years in 6-Ring Circus. Lori also hosts the cable TV program, 30 Minutes with the Author.
Mary K. Wright
Mary K. Wright has been studying acting since the 70’s and improvisation for the last seven years. She specializes in playing nuns and characters whose names begin with the letter “A.”
Mookie Harrington
Mookie Harrington started his improv career more than a decade ago at the snowy institution in Upstate New York. He spends most of his weekdays organizing data in Excel and most of his weekends in Saint Paul with his wife and two dogs.
Rebecca Rewakowski
Not long ago in this galaxy right here, a girl in a karaoke bar ran into some improvisers, and the recipe for comedy music gold was born. Rebecca has played in a lot of bad bands and music studios, and does in fact know how to play every song in the world.
Rhett Romsaas
Rhett Romsaas has performed improv in Minneapolis since 2005. He studied at the Brave New Workshop in 2008 and has since been a ballroom dance instructor and a preschool teacher, and is now a canvasser! Bottom line: Rhett loves to work with people and make them laugh! He currently acts for the Murder Mystery Company, the Crisis Company and now, JESTERS!
Steve Bennett
Steve Bennett has enjoyed making people laugh on a small scale his entire life. In 2011, he tried it on a larger scale and found it suited him quite well. Aside from Jesters, you can find him performing with Fantastic Voyage Improv, or in his living room with his three kids.
Wells Farnham
Wells Farnham is here as part of a work release program. Jesters Comedy receives a huge tax break for hiring and employing him. Please, no sudden movements or flash photography.
Wooly Woolhouse
Adam "Wooly" Woolhouse has been with Jesters since the very first show! In the summer, you can find Wooly running around like a mad-man at Target Field as a member of the Minnesota Twins' Rally Team. Wooly is also the Jesters' social-media manager, running their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Away from the stage, Wooly is a proud father of two, and equally-proud husband of one.
Zachary Kulzer
Zachary Kulzer is a self-made man. Does that mean he was made asexually? No! He has parents. Zachary Kulzer is a man-and-woman made man. His parents had sex and they made him. At least, that is what he has been told. Zachary enjoys performing Improvisational comedy. He performs with Jester’s Comedy Improv, Fantastic Voyage, and The ImprovaCats. Later, he will go camping. Camping is an intents sport!!
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